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Client Testimonials

Jody is a consummate professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and provides common sense and caring, to all that she does. We have worked together for 10 years of different projects and I especially appreciate her attention to detail. Jody is also a very nice person, who truly cares about other people.

PharmD and President, REL & Associates

I’ve worked with Jody in several different capacities over the past 20+ years. I am continually impressed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge, sharp analytical abilities, effective leadership style, polished presentation skills, and the warmth and enthusiasm, as well as the sense of humility, that she brings to her work. My endorsement of Jody is unequivocal.

Program Manager, Health Fitness Corporation

Jody was a great joy to work with. She was a true team player in every sense. Jody was also very generous and considerate of co-workers both within our business unit and as well as other areas of the company Clients loved and respected her too; both her content knowledge and her listening, empathetic ear made her a great asset to our team.

Senior Quality Consultant, Healthgrades

With commitment and a winning personality, Jody is the ultimate professional. Jody brings sound business advice to all projects and I highly recommend her in all areas of project development in the healthcare industry.

Executive Director, Medical Fitness Association

It is my honor and great pleasure to provide a recommendation for Jody Hereford. In my role as Executive Director of AACVPR, I worked closely with Ms. Hereford for a number of years. She was a long standing member of the AACVPR Board of Directors, served as the Programming Chair for the AACVPR Annual meeting and then as Chair of the AACVPR Board of Directors. Under her leadership, the AACVPR Board accomplished a number of important initiatives, including the realignment of the Heart and Lung Foundation within AACVPR. In addition, the AACVPR Program Certification Process was studied and new processes were initiated to refine and align the application, review, approval, denial and appeal processes.

Under Jody’s leadership, the AACVPR Board functioned as an aligned and cohesive unit and they were able to accomplish a number of important strategic initiatives for the growth in the utilization and payment for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation services across the United States. In July, 2008, the Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Act was passed in the U.S. Congress ensuring payment for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation services through Medicare. Jody played in pivotal role in the passage of that important bill.

Ms. Hereford is well-know in the industry and has a number of important contacts in the field of healthcare. She has a strong background in policy development, leadership, and has represented AACVPR both nationally and internationally. She has a strong vision for the future and has the ability to communicate that vision effectively to engage others in the change process. On a personal note, Jody has a strong work ethic and a well-developed sense of humor. I give my strongest recommendation in support of Jody Hereford’s future endeavors.

Executive Director, American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR)

Jody Hereford is solutions oriented person. She uses her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to manage issues effectively or create solutions where none exist at the time. Not all people have the ability to be high achievers as a team member and as an individual but Jody has succeeded at both. She is a compassionate health care provider, an intelligent business woman and a great writer! Although I only worked directly with Jody at Boeing, I have had the privilege of staying connected as business consultants and have continued to observe her creative work style well past the Boeing days. She is dedicated and tenacious about bringing meaningful solutions to problems. I have tried to get her to work with us…if she ever does, it will be to our advantage.

Coordinator, Health Management Programs, The Boeing Company

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